Getting Started with NextJS

Getting Started with NextJS

NextJS is a framework for ReactJS.

Wait a second ... a "framework" for React? Isn't React itself already a framework for JavaScript?

Well ... first of all, React is a "library" for JavaScript. That seems to be important for some people.

Not for me, but still, there is a valid point: React already is a framework / library for JavaScript. So it's already an extra layer on top of JS.

Why would we then need NextJS?

Because NextJS makes building React apps easier - especially React apps that should have server-side rendering (though it does way more than just take care of that).

In this article, we'll dive into the core concepts and features NextJS has to offer:

  • File-based Routing
  • Built-in Page Pre-rendering
  • Rich Data Fetching Capabilities
  • Image Optimization
  • Much More

File-based Routing

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